What to see in Prague

What to see in Prague

Prague is a city with something for everyone. Budget friendly beer, family friendly museums, and a skyline for everyone. Whether you have a few days or a few weeks, there is always something to do in the world renowned Czech capital. We visited this city coming off our Oktoberfest high, and were exhausted. Prague rejuvenated us and stimulated our senses. The smell of warm street food fills your nose in the center square and every crevasse of every building is decorative and visually interesting.

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How to visit Neuschwanstein from Munich

After your tour, hike around the back of the castle and go out on bridge for the famous shot.

Neuschwanstein is world famous for its fairy-tale like architecture. This stunning castle, tucked into the mountains of Bavaria, inspired Disney’s Cinderella castle. The castle is about a 2 hour train ride from Munich right outside F├╝ssen. There are several day tours you can take from Munich to the castle, but it’s cheaper and easy to go on your own. We planned our trip with help from this article by The Wallet Diet. Check out Christine’s article for detailed information.

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How to visit Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial from Munich

Dachau Memorial2
Now memorials stand to those who survived and to those who lost their lives.

We travel to see famous sites, sample drinks, and learn about history. Sometimes history isn’t fun or pretty. The Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site gives you a shocking view into our world’s past that can’t be comprehended from a textbook. It is an important reminder to remain politically aware and politically active. If you’re spending time in Munich, we recommend a visit to this powerful memorial. Getting to the memorial site from Munich is quick and easy.

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