What to see in Prague

Prague is a city with something for everyone. Budget friendly beer, family friendly museums, and a skyline for everyone. Whether you have a few days or a few weeks, there is always something to do in the world renowned Czech capital. We visited this city coming off our Oktoberfest high, and were exhausted. Prague rejuvenated us and stimulated our senses. The smell of warm street food fills your nose in the center square and every crevasse of every building is decorative and visually interesting.

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Where to Drink in Prague

The one thing we heard over and over again about Prague is that it’s THE place for cheap beer. Pilsner is king in Prague. Walk into most small bars or restaurants and grab one for 1-2 euros. We took advantage of the cheap beer, and of the vibrant cocktail scene. The overarching theme of the cocktails we found is creativity, drawn from the creativity and vibrance of the city. Unique, seemingly contrasting ingredients are paired flawlessly together and poured into unexpected and unique glassware. A night out in Prague stimulates the palate, and the imagination.

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