Imbibe – to absorbe or assimilate (ideas or knowledge)

Alternatively: Imbibe – to drink heavily

After graduating college, Teanna, Matt, and Madeline left their hometown of Lawrence, Kansas to imbibe heavily, in every sense of the word. They want to drink in the world and help others do the same.

Teanna Group04_1

Teanna spent her teen years traveling the world with student groups. She visited 5 continents before 18 and knew she had to keep going. She believes that travel is for everyone and wants to help people along their journey. She has spent her (few) adult years experiencing the world of craft cocktails through her work at John Brown Underground, Lawrence’s premier cocktail bar. She wants to use her travels to merge her love of cocktails and cultures.

Liquor: Tequila

Cocktail: French 75


Matt Keary is a freshly graduated student out of the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk). Having grown up in a small town in landlocked Kansas, his love for travel was based only on family trips around the country. Now, that love has developed into an insatiable desire to go where he hasn’t before — a hunger satisfied only by exploration.

Liquor: Gin

Cocktail: Negroni

Madeline MadCrop

Madeline also recently graduated from the University of Kansas where she earned a Political Science major and a Spanish minor and was part of the Women’s Club Soccer team. During school, she also worked at Free State Brewing Company in Lawrence, KS, which peaked her love for beer. She is particularly excited to expand her palate for malts and hops while exploring the world of European brews. In addition to her love for both soccer and beer, she is curious about other cultures and societies. Madeline is eager to take in the local cuisine, libations, history, and beauty of new places and is excited to experience the world with her best friends.

Liquor: Gin

Beer: IPA’s