Budapest is famous for many things, including its beer and baths. The beer scene features something for everyone, from crushable brews to hoppy crafts, we couldn’t find a beer over about five dollars. For beers, the stand out was Szimpla Kert, a ruin pub in the middle of the city with local and international brews. I discovered a raspberry-mint sour that tasted almost like fernet, and proceeded to drink it the rest of my time in Budapest.

bathThe lightest beer I drank in Budapest, I drank while bathing in its ingredients. At the Szechenyi Baths, Budapest’s most famous thermal baths, the Thermal Beer Spa offers visitors a hot bath filled with hops, malt, and yeast. The ingredients in the tub revitalize skin and hair and relaxes muscles thanks to vitamins, proteins, and sugars. I’m skeptical of the effect it had on my skin, but I did feel incredibly relaxed.

tapOne of the most relaxing parts of the bath, was the amount of beer I drank. Within arms reach of each tub is a tap offering all you can drink beer during your 45 minute bath session. Depending on how quickly you drink, there is plenty of time to get your money’s worth. To sober guests up, the Thermal Beer Spa also offers a snack of bread with duck butter and paprika.

For two tubs with three people on a week day it was about 40 euro a person. This pricetag includes the beer bath, all you can drink beer, a snack, and a full days entrance to the thermal baths with a private changing/locker room. Make sure to take some time to explore the thermal baths before and after your beer experience. Traveling can be hard on the body and leave your muscles tense. These indoor/outdoor baths and saunas are a great place to unwind. I felt more relaxed in these baths than I’ve felt on this entire trip. While the baths themselves are great, the dry sauna was the highlight for me.


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