Every year, the World’s 50 Best Bars puts out a list of the top bars across the globe. Drink experts around the world rank their top choices to determine the best of the best. Several of these top bars are scattered across Europe and we want to make it to as many as possible, our first stop was Tales and Spirits in Amsterdam.

TS.jpgLike the name suggests, many of the cocktails have a story behind them, if there isn’t a story, the quirky presentation allows you to create your own. The menu is split up into four sections, House Specials, T&S Signatures, T&S Favorites, and Old Fashioned’s. Within each of those categories is something for every taste and every budget. Drinks rage from 8.5 to 35 euro.

As a tequila drinker, I was a big fan of the La Muerta, a tequila zombie with 2 mezcals, 2 tequilas and a house-made hibiscus/agave soda. All that liquor comes with a warning, Tales and Spirits only allows two of these drinks per person.

I continued my tendency for deconstructed cocktails inspired by Van Gogh. I didn’t know this was a niche, but this is the second one I’ve seen this year. The Drop of Art is a base of “Van Gogh solution”, or genever and absinthe, served on a painters palate with rose liquor and bergamot liquor that I added to my drink with my own paintbrush.

One of the more budget-friendly standouts was the What if…? A twist on the classic Daiquiri featuring pineapple-ginger shrub. Daiquiri’s can be difficult to make well as they are easily thrown off balance. Pineapple can easily push the sweetness factor up too far, but the ginger balanced it well and added another level to this classic drink.

Those three may have been our favorites, but T&S puts thought and personality into all of its drinks. The menu is written conversationally, charming you with its humor and inviting you to discover your new favorite cocktail.

What’s your favorite place to drink in Amsterdam?



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