We continued our tour of the World’s 50 Best Bar’s in Paris with three strong cocktail bars. Le Candelaria, Le Syndicat, and Little Red Door are all situated in the trendy “Le Marais” area of Paris and are within walking distance from each other if you’re up for a cocktail crawl.

Le CandelariaLe Candelaria

If you don’t know Le Candelaria is there, you’ll walk right past it. Even knowing where it was, we still walked right past it. The dark, candle-lit lounge is hidden behind a bright and busy taco shop. Walk past the counter (after filling up on tacos of course), and head through the unmarked gray door for the agave drinks you’d expect from a bar behind a taco shop, and more.

Le Syndicat

Le Syndicat isn’t a speakeasy, but if you’re not looking you might miss it. The outside is nondescript, almost to the point of looking run down. On the inside, Le Syndicat boasts the most modern and trendy decor of the three, with walls covered top to bottom in graffiti and shiny gold curtains. Le Syndicat’s menu is inspired by the cocktail bars of Paris, with a different drink for each of the top bars and the addresses written below. Anytime I go to a new city, I check out World’s Best Bars for some insight on where I should go, but I find the places I like the most are always recommended by people living and working in the city so it’s great to have recommendations right in front of me.

Little Red DoorLRD

Of all the Parisian bars on World’s Best Bars, Little Red Door is ranked the highest. What sets Little Red Door apart from the other two is the cohesion. The menu is inspired by different periods of architecture, the drinks and menu pages represent each style. Both the style of the drinks and the glassware are representative of the style. From art deco to moderne, every drink off this menu is an inspiration.

What’s your favorite bar in Paris? Comment or let us know!


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