Road Tripping through Ireland

Being from the Midwest, we’re used to driving. A lot. From Lawrence, Omaha, St. Louis, and Oklahoma City are about 4 hours away, double that for Denver and Chicago. Long road trips are nothing, so we spent two weeks driving across Ireland, a country around the size of our home state. The longest drive we had was about 4 hours, and to all the Irish we spoke to this was way to long, but the scenery made the drive go by rapidly.

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Drinking through Dublin

Dublin is known for its vibrant pub culture. At the heart of this culture are two things: beer and whisky. Some of the world’s most popular beer and whisky finds its home in Dublin, Jameson Irish Whisky and Guinness. Although Jameson is now distilled elsewhere in Ireland, both alcohols originated in Dublin and have spaces in the city for fans to tour. We did the Guinness tour and Jameson tour on the same day, and were somehow still able to stand after.

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2 Days in Paris

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and therefore, packed with tourists. After studying abroad in Paris, I’ve spent my fair share of time at all the top sights, waited in plenty of lines, and battled my way through selfie sticks. I’ve also spent my fair share of times at the lesser known sights, where I walk right in and have space to enjoy the city. We only had two days in Paris, so I wanted to create the perfect plan for my friends to see the best of Paris, without getting smacked in the face by a selfie stick.

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Drinking Across Belgium

We heard over and over again that Prague was the king of cheap beer, but Belgium might take the crown. Prague’s low cost pilsner is great, but a euro or two more in Belgium can get you strong IPA’s and great vintage beer. Belgium is a beautiful country, with 3 of its coolest cities located within about an hour train ride from each other. We visited Brussels, Ghent, and Antwerp and discovered beer, old and new, and traditional Belgian genever.

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