After your tour, hike around the back of the castle and go out on bridge for the famous shot.

Neuschwanstein is world famous for its fairy-tale like architecture. This stunning castle, tucked into the mountains of Bavaria, inspired Disney’s Cinderella castle. The castle is about a 2 hour train ride from Munich right outside Füssen. There are several day tours you can take from Munich to the castle, but it’s cheaper and easy to go on your own. We planned our trip with help from this article by The Wallet Diet. Check out Christine’s article for detailed information.

A few things we noticed
  • If you want to go inside the castle, make sure you reserve your tickets. You have to take a guided tour to go in, and these tours fill up fast and the ticket line is packed.
  • Reserved tickets must be picked up one hour before the tour time. Give yourself plenty of time. We left Munich at about 10:00 and arrived in Füssen at about 12:15, giving us a little over an our to pick up tickets at 1:25. We were hungry, so we stopped for lunch, only to go to the bus stop and find that buses were not as frequent as we expected. The next one wasn’t due at the castle until 1:13, if it was on time (which it wasn’t). The ticket office is still a short walk from the bus stop. We made it by 1:23, so we did not find out how strict the office is on this rule.

    Neushwanstein View
    The view from the castle is well worth the hike.
  • Since Christine wrote her article in 2015, the bus schedule has changed slightly. There are several buses that go to the castle. Just pick one that says it’s going somewhere “via Castles,” or follow the lines of other tourists visiting the castle.
  • We used our Eurail passes for the train ride to Füssen, and therefore didn’t have to purchase a train ticket. We did purchase a bus ticket, which was €4.60 for a round-trip journey.

Have you been before? Let us know in the comments or contact us directly.


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