Barcelona Travel Tips

Barcelona is known worldwide for its beauty. The buildings are colorful and decorative, and the street is full of living art. People dress as statues while musicians play. Just outside the city lie beautiful beaches and mountains. Although Barcelona is part of Spain, its culture stems from its Catalonian roots. Catalonia has its own language and is working on a referendum to become its own autonomous nation.

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Distilling Gin in Spain: an Airbnb Experience

Airbnb is a popular way to find a home away from home in almost every city worldwide. Often times, it gives you more space and amenities for half the cost of a hotel. It also offers a more personal connection than a hotel, giving users the opportunity to interact with a local host. Now that it’s made a name for itself, it’s expanding its services to experiences. An experience can be anything from making a traditional meal to a kayaking adventure. The experience is hosted by a local expert, bringing the connection even closer. We’ve used Airbnb regularly for the past few years during all of our travels, but we had our first Airbnb catered experience in Barcelona, distilling our own gin.

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Where to Drink in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for magnificent sights, mouth-watering food, and vibrant colors. People flock to buildings on the street like they flock to paintings in museums. Recently, Barcelona is starting to turn its spirits into an art form through unique cocktails, a young craft beer scene, and a fresh craft distillation scene. It has something for everyone found in its small cafes, modern breweries, and raging clubs.

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Where to Drink in Madrid

Typical nights out in Kansas start and end relatively early, since bars close around 2 a.m. Typical nights out in Spain are the opposite and took some getting used to. We stayed in the Gran Via area, known as “Spanish Broadway.” This area is vibrant, bustling, and teeming with great bars serving up everything from‎ two euro sangria to finely-crafted cocktails.

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The Best Places to Visit in Montreal

Montréal is a city of integrated culture, prestigious universities, and fresh cheese curds smothered in gravy. It’s easy to forget exactly where you are; on one block skyscrapers tower over you while the next brings the feel of a small town, filled with local shops, art, and homes. Cats hug your legs, and people greet you with a smile. Montréal has something for everyone, the family, the foodie, and the partier.

The activities here vary depending on the season. Spend summer months exploring the parks and winter months on the ice rink. No matter the time of year, Montreal is full of hidden gems, some more difficult to find than others.

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An Icelandic Stopover

After an economic downturn, Iceland turned to tourism to help boost the economy. Since then, it has become a booming tourism destination, thanks to cheap flights, Instagram-worthy sites, and friendly people. We only had three days in Iceland and wanted to make the most of it while sticking to our budget. The flight may have been cheap, but nothing else was.

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Two Days in Québec City

A city passed between British and French rule during the Seven Year War, Quebec City landed under French rule in 1763 and from there, blossomed, embodying a mixture of French and Canadian culture. Two hundred and fifty years later, the winding cobblestone streets are packed tight with shops that fill the air with wafts of poutine, chocolate, and maple. We explored these charming streets in both the older, history-rich Old Town and in the newer, bohemian-styled Saint-Jean. Although there is much to see in Québec and the surrounding area, here’s how we did it in two days.

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