Where to Drink in Montreal

Going out in MontrĂ©al was an interesting experience for us since the official languages are both French and English. We want to respect other countries’ languages, but my French is rusty at best, and Madeline and Matt’s is nonexistent. We didn’t know what language was more polite to start with, or if it’s even something worth fretting over. Our question was answered every time I attempted to break out my French and was promptly answered in English. The men I spoke to were very encouraging and told me I had excellent French, whereas the women didn’t even bother trying to speak French to me. For whatever reason, I feel like the men were lying…

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Where to Drink in Quebec City

We spent two days in Quebec and discovered some of it’s growing cocktail scene. We missed out on some of Quebec’s classic cocktail bars (we aren’t organized enough for reservations), but discovered places that were exciting and budget friendly. While the cocktail scene is still small, we found tiny microbreweries on almost every street corner.

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12 of New York’s Best Cocktail Bars

I went to New York with a list of cocktail bars I knew I had to hit, but discovered more, thanks to recommendations from the bartenders I met along the way. I always ask my bartender where they drink, they know the best places. This list only features the places I made it to and is by no means exhaustive. I’m already starting my list of places to hit on my next trip.

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